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Aviation & Aerospace

The Aviation and Aerospace industries are among the fastest growing sectors of the Indian economy, with both sectors attracting a lot of interest from domestic as well as foreign players.

The Indian Civil Aviation industry is among the 10 largest in the world going by market size and sheer volumes, and has been given a strong push forward in the recent years such as low-cost carriers, modern airports, FDI, IT interventions and a greater need for safe and quick travel.

The Indian Aerospace and Defense sector is one of the largest in the world, with the country having one of the largest defense budgets and investments for imports of foreign technology as well as development of internal research, technology and manufacturing.

CorporateCare understands the skill set, safety and other needs that come associated with this sector and we have a team of experts from diverse backgrounds with experience in various functions within the Aviation and Aerospace industry, who will help you fulfill all your needs and expectations.

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