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FMCG and Consumer Services

Disposable Income in India is increasing, and the middle-class is a massive buying force in the country – driving the growth of its FMCG and Consumer Durables sector. As per a Deloitte report, India is likely to become the world’s largest middle class consumer market by 2030. Currently, the market is growing at a healthy rate of about 15 percent per annum.

Over the past few years, to fuel growth in this sector, the Government of India has relaxed the regulations around foreign investment, and this has led to huge inflows of money and products from global companies such as Samsung, LG, Wal-Mart, and so on. The E-Commerce sector has also exploded over the past 2 years with companies such as Flipkart, Amazon, and SnapDeal doing crores worth of business.

All these developments have ensured that growth in this sector is robust and jobs are being generated in large numbers. Companies are growing quickly, and are looking to minimize their costs by outsourcing functionalities to experts, and this is where CorporateCare with its panel of experts with years of experience and latest technology is perfectly poised to fulfill all kinds of HR and recruitment needs, and provide valuable insights and consultancy services.

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