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Group Discusion Tips

Group Discussions are a common tool used by employers nowadays to ascertain how candidates work and react and lead in groups, as most job profiles nowadays have working in groups as a compulsory requirement. Some tips that should be kept in mind while approaching a Group Discussion are: -

  • Talk, but not too much! While it is important to make your presence felt, you should also know that talking too much and interrupting others is perceived as very negative. Try to enter at 2 or 3 key points during the discussion for maximum impact.
  • Try to start and/or conclude. Two situations where everyone is paying maximum attention in a group discussion are right at the starting and towards the end. People usually don’t interrupt during the introduction and summary, and this can give you a good chance to get your points across.
  • Use Facts and Figures. Nothing more impact during a group discussion than hard facts and figures, quoted along with their sources. One should read newspapers and magazines regularly and be in touch with all major issues happening in the world.
  • Try to guide the GD. Once you are able to get your points across in the discussion, you can try to guide the GD, bring the other people in to provide their points, and bring the group discussion back to the topic in case you feel it is going adrift. This indicates that you are able to drive discussions to logical conclusions, and is appreciated by the panelists.
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