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CorporateCare Hiring for Corporates

HealthCare & Life Sciences

Healthcare and Life Sciences is undoubtedly the largest and fastest growing sector of the Indian Economy right now, both in terms of revenue and employment. Healthcare and Life Sciences includes hospitals, medical devices, clinical trials, outsourcing, telemedicine, medical tourism, healthcare and medical equipment. The industry is growing very fast because of a robust internal demand, increasing health tourism, and fast developing medical IT services sector.

With increasing demand from the middle and lower income groups, as well as increasing foreign investments and health tourism opportunities because of low cost of service delivery, this sector is expected to continue its rapid growth.

CorporateCare has recognized the growth and opportunities in this sector and invested into developing a strong team and service portfolio to cater to the unique requirements of this sector. We are able to connect highly trained professionals to companies looking for such requirements, as well as provide end-to-end payroll and recruitment management and consultancy services.

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