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CorporateCare Hiring for Corporates

Not-for-Profit Businesses

Along with the sectors contributing most to the economy, CorporateCare also keeps track of and provides services to not-for-profit organizations working for various social causes throughout the country. These could be Government-funded projects or Non-Government Organizations (NGOs). Quite a few large conglomerates such as the Tata Group, Reliance and others are also participating in several social and welfare initiatives as a part of their internal Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Programs.

The requirements of this sector are unique – individuals are not only required to be talented and experienced in their fields, but also internally motivated and dedicated to general welfare. Additionally, these projects usually run on tight budgets, so there is a need for such organizations to maximize impact and minimize cost, while keeping employee morale high. CorporateCare has had experience with several such companies, and we know exactly for a not-for-profit business needs in terms of HR services and consultancy. We proudly provide end-to-end services to companies and individuals looking to become a part of this sector.

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