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CorporateCare Hiring for Corporates

Our Services

Permanent Hiring

We work with corporates to help them find the best talent to fulfill their requirements. Our team of experts works with companies to understand their requirements and come up with accurate job descriptions, and then use our internal and external databases of candidates to find the correct fit for the position based on several metrics, which are developed based on industry best practices.

Temporary Staffing / Flexi Staffing

CorporateCare understands the requirements of companies in the current market scenario where companies execute projects for specific durations and only want people to work with them for this duration and not as permanent employees. With our internal and external databases of candidates looking to enter into such agreements, as well as our experience and flexible contract options, we ensure that companies get the best possible staffing arrangement. We conduct thorough background checks to ensure that the candidates provided by us are 100% genuine and are the best possible fit for company requirements.

Payroll Processing

HR Functions such as Payroll Processing and Management are absolutely critical to organizations, and we at CorporateCare also understand that it may not always be the best idea for organizations to perform this function internally. We have a fully developed and time-tested payroll outsourcing solution that helps organizations transfer some or all core functionality of the payroll processing function to us.

Campus Hiring

CorporateCare works with leading Institutes and Colleges to organize placement drives and provide campus recruitments. We have a team that specializes exclusively in requirement and skill mapping for fresher from colleges both at graduation and post graduation levels.

On-Site Hiring Services

CorporateCare provides on-site recruitment services to corporates where we conduct a complete end-to-end recruitment drive at the Company's facilities.

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