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CorporateCare Hiring for Corporates

Permanent Recruitment

CorporateCare is a well-known name in the recruitment field, where we connect corporates looking to fulfill positions with individuals looking for opportunities to work. We have a team over a decade of experience in skillset mapping across various industry verticals to ensure that we always find the right fit.

For Corporates: -

We work with corporates to help them find the best talent to fulfill their requirements. Our team of experts works with companies to understand their requirements and come up with accurate job descriptions, and then use our internal and external databases of candidates to find the correct fit for the position based on several metrics, which are developed based on industry best practices.

We also provide corporate headhunting services for executive positions, where we work with professionals working in other companies in similar positions and interested in moving.

For Job Seekers: -

CorporateCare allows individuals to submit their resumes for open opportunities with various corporates. Our team of experts then evaluate the resume and open opportunities as per job seeker’s requirements to provide the best possible fit and facilitate the process of application to the position.

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