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Power & Energy

The Power and Energy sector is one of the key indicators or growth for developing economies, and with several industries and individual consumers, India is the 5th largest producer and consumer of electricity in the world.

In recent times, there has been a push from the Government to bring private players and foreign investment into these sectors, and large Indian conglomerates such as Reliance Power and Tata Power are contributing towards this in a big way, and also generating a lot of employment in the process. The need for energy continues to increase and higher investments in the sector are imminent.

There is also a worldwide move towards renewable and sustainable sources of energy. In India, the primary sources of energy other than Coal and Hydroelectric Power include Wind Energy and Solar Power. Because of India’s geographic location, certain parts and states have ideal conditions for development of these sources of energy, and quite a few foreign sector leaders are looking to invest in the country.

Additionally, India has also been working to get all possible approvals and investments for generation and effective use of Nuclear Energy. With some breakthroughs through global relationships that have happened in the recent past, this sector is also likely to grow and generate jobs.

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