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The Indian Retail industry is possibly one of the most diverse and attractive sectors that have been witnessing some serious growth as a result of relaxation of Government policies around foreign investment. Even though the sector is growing fast, there’s still a lot of potential and a long way to go before India becomes a world leader in Retail.

E-Commerce ventures such as Flipkart, Amazon and organized retail such as Reliance, BigBazaar and others have really sent India’s retail sector into a roller-coaster growth mode, generating a lot of employment opportunities and HR challenges in the process.

With the outlook for the retail industry looking positive because of India’s demographics and increasing disposable income, CorporateCare is very bullish about the growth in this sector and has developed a lot of experience and expertise in this area, identifying and having prepared solutions for the HR and Recruitment issues commonly faced by this industry. For individuals looking to begin or grow in this industry, we have many opportunities that will allow you to work with the leaders in the country, giving your career a sure boost.

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